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Allstilts blog

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New jumping stilts cz0834 jumping pogo stick

This is the new flyjumper cz0834 jumping stilts pogo stick. You should see these thing they are very cool and are quite capable.There are two models

http://www.allstilts.com/prokidsjumpingstilts this one is a small kids model and is used for smaller children it uses a carbon fiber composite cz0834 kids spring that is 2 feet tall and work quite like a normal kids pogo stick. Then there is http://www.allstilts.com/teenprojumpingstick this one comes in 4 weight classes and uses the bigger 3 foot adult flyjumper cz0834 jumping stilts spring. They are both very capable and work like the conventional jumping stick but can reach better hieghts and distances this promises to be the next evolution in pogo sticks.There arent to many place where you can get them right now they are so new but you can get them from http://www.allstilts.com/ in canada and if you arent in canada just call them and they will help you out.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New rubber jumping stilts feet

The new foot for the new cz0834 Olympic powerstrider, flyjumper,air-trekker, projumps have no need for an aluminum foot plate making them lighter and more agile. All of these brands will be selling the new model within a few months as the old model is no longer made. As you can see by the picture the new foot bolts right to the spring just like the old aluminum foot but the rubber foot pad is built right into it making them easier and quicker to install. They are made of tougher rubber and should last longer depending on the user of course. You can also see them here http://www.allstilts.com/czo834rubberfeet at http://www.allstilts.com/ . If you haven't upgraded to the new cz0834 yet maybe its time parts for the old ones are running out quickly and soon will be obsolete. You can also see the new model of jumping stilts here http://www.allstilts.com/flyjumper-adult-jumping-stilts ,these are a great model and are becoming popular very quickly.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Make your jumping stilts pads last forever

These are the coolest things since jumping stilts themselves! www.allstilts.com will have them fore sale soon. You can make your rubber pads/hooves/feet last forever or at least a very long time.All you do is find some tire tread that is used for retreading truck tires and be sure you find one with a small tread pattern for optimal grip.You can either add them to your powerisers or other jumping stilts that don't have changeable rubber feet or add them to your pads that can be changed. Just cut the tire a little bigger than your rubber pads then scuff up the rubber on the back of the tire and on the front of you pads.I used tremco vulkem 116 caulking/polyurethane sealant witch you can get in different colors ,you can also use other polyurethane sealants as well. Add the sealant to your rubber pad or piece of truck tire. If your putting them on your removable pads then screw them on from behind your pads and through the tire rubber if you are putting them on non removable stilts then screw the other way through the front .Start at the front and work your way to the back just don't put them where the wear of your rubber pads are that way you wont feel them when you walk on them leave them for a couple of days and they will set solid .Then if you want to you can cut the rubber of to the size of your pads with an carpet knife. You now have a pair of pads that will last a good long time I've been jumping on mine for months and you cant even tell I've used them. The best part about them is they wont slip in wet grass or wet pavement and you Can even use them in the dirt when it is wet,you don't have to put your jumping stilts away because of a bit of rain and practising on the grass is a lot safer. We do a lot of jumping around late at night when it is cooler and the grass is moist with dew. I will be selling them online eventually as well once i get a bunch made up at www.allstilts.com .

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The end of the chinese m115 series jumping stilts

The classic m115 series stilts made in china and distributed around the world for the patent holder alexander bocke are no longer being made. They are know as projump, airtrekkers,
flyjumpers, powerizers ,powerstrider ,jolly jumper and many other brand names. They have been replaced by the new improved czo834 model witch will still likely be branded with the same names. They were a great stilt but were eventually limited by parts supply ,not being able to continue to supply both models china wanted to move on to the new model. Most of the pictures and videos online are of this model or of the poweriser model witch are pretty much the same stilt built in a different location and will still be available for the time being as far as i know.

There are also skyrunners that are a copy of the m-series jumping stilts but the company pays no royalties to the patent holder witch makes them illegal in some countries and are not quite as good quality. They are still a great product for anyone that is a beginner or just wants to use them moderately for jumping and exercise,they basically do the same thing just not as good but for a lot less money.

There are still some m-series jumping stilts around at some of the suppliers like air-trekkers until they sell them all out. I have some of the older models available for a great price at
http://www.allstilts.com/product/adult%20jumping%20stilts%20clearance . The older kids models http://www.allstilts.com/flyjumper-kids-jumping-stilts will still be available for now but I'm not sure when the manufacturer will pull the plug on those yet I haven't heard nothing about them yet but I will be sure to keep you informed of anything I hear.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My niece sydney skipping rope on jumping stilts

Kids can be very creative and my niece Sydney has found a great

way to exercise and have fun.I haven't seen anyone else trying this

and she is quite good at it. She is skipping on the cheap flyjumpers

that are available here http://www.allstilts.com/cheap-quality-jumping-stilts and are a great cheap pair of kids stilts priced at $159 dollars ,that includes shipping anywhere in Canada. Many of the kids in my neighborhood are now frantically jumping around and learning new tricks at the skate parks. Kids adapt very easily to jumping stilts so parents don't worry just make sure to buy them some good safety equipment to go along with there jumping stilts. Summer is almost here so and jumping stilts are the new fad in Canada finally, they are allot bigger in many European countries and in Australia and the USA. You will soon see them around more and we will be having some tryouts for those who want to give them a shot. Keep a lookout on my facebook group http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#!/group.php?gid=246322157045 for information or http://www.allstilts.com/ .We are in London ,Ontario, Canada

Check out syd skipping on jumping stilts below

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kids and jumping stilts

If you are like me and like to do /activities with your kids then jumping stilts are a great family fun activity.In the picture is my 6 year old casey she is wearing little allstilts jumping jumping stilts for kids 40-60 kilograms http://www.allstilts.com/product/SKY .They are great for small kids 5-8 depending on there sizes to learn on and get used to.Kids that are bigger up to 69 kilograms can use the flyjumpers kids models at http://www.allstilts.com/product/F%20FLY%20JUMPER%20KIDS and the brand new flyjumper jumping stilts model that just came out last year http://www.allstilts.com/product/F%20FLY%20JUMPER%20KIDS however i don't recommend anything more than the 30 kg model for up to 100 lbs and 40kg for the rest as the springs are very stiff. Kids love to bounce around and jump all over the place these will add new life to that and as i said get you outside exercising with them it a great way for all the family to get fit they aren't just for crazy extreme jumpers anyone can have fun with this. Most kids can be walking in minutes and running and jumping with just a few hours practice.

Safety is the main concern be sure you get a good set of knee pads,elbow pads and wrist guards for them ,right now they are free with all flyjumper purchases at http://www.allstilts.com/ . A good helmet is also a must to protect them, as well as yourself. Happy jumping

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cool new knee/cuff protector full jumping stilts knee bar

These new knee/cuff protectors are a new inexpensive way to make your knee bars more comfortable especially in the summer time when you are wearing shorts or for you girls a skirt. They prevent the rubbing of the strap on the back of your knee after hrs of use. The new knee/cuff protector also tightens up the feel of your knee bars without using extra foam padding and tape. Take a look at them here http://www.allstilts.com/product/Knee%20cuffprotector%20for%20knee%20bar they are available in Canada from there . In the USA you can get them herehttp://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280471864702&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT .They fit all adult models of jumping stilts that includes poweriser,powerizer,powerskip,powerstrider,airtrekkers,pro jump,jolly jumper,7league boots,upwing,flyjumper,skyrunner and all other brands. Try them out yourself they are a great way to get more comfort and longer use on your jumping stilts.
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